Waterproof Camera Information Muskogee OK

Stop worrying about your camera becoming wet. Waterproof cameras are great for taking pictures in the rain or even underwater! Here you’ll find additional information on waterproof cameras as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Sooner Flash Mart
(405) 424-0578
1101 N Sooner RD
Oklahoma City, OK
The Small Pocket Poets Agency
(918) 658-8013
7805 S Sherwood
Oklahoma City, OK
A Bulb & Lamp Supply
(405) 636-0591
800 SE 83rd St
Oklahoma City, OK
Photo Products Repair Inc
(405) 521-8022
3109 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK
Jon Berry Linder
(580) 737-0311
Post Office Box 203
Alva, OK
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Pipkin Cameras and Imaging
(405) 524-1461
3111 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK
Flickos Video Workshops
(405) 737-3545
9036 S Sooner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK
Epperson Photo Video
(405) 943-1047
3110 N May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK
Interstate All Battery Center
(405) 634-3699
6920 N Broadway Ext
Oklahoma City, OK
Baker Photo & Video
(405) 350-8011
401 W Main St
Yukon, OK

Get Wet: Waterproof Cameras and Housings

Get Wet

Cameras and housings perfect for poolside

Whether you're content to shoot from shoreline or want to dive in to snorkeling or scuba, with the right accessories, your camera also can come along, without fear of damage. Underwater housings protect your gear from the elements—even the salty seaside air can wreak havoc, and sand is no friend either. So before you hit the beach, get your photo gear a swimsuit, too.

Spending time on the sandy beach or playing in the waves calls for a compact solution. Ewa-Marine has been supplying flexible bag-like solutions for keeping equipment dry for many years. A popular case is the D-SW, which houses compact digital cameras such as the Canon PowerShot SD800/900 series cameras. The housings are made of flexible, double- laminated PVC, feature a glass port for the lens and can be used to a depth of 33 feet. Access to all camera controls makes these flexible housings a great, lightweight solution for both in and around the sand and water. Estimated Street Price: $160.

A simple solution for taking your point-and-shoot camera to the beach and into shallow water is the Aquapac, a waterproof and PVC-free case with a hard, clear window for the lens. The Aquapac takes most point-and-shoot cameras with no modification, and it's guaranteed to a depth of 15 feet. The flexible material gives you access to all camera controls. Estimated Street Price: $45.

Olympus introduced a line of rugged, waterproof cameras designed to withstand water, shock and freezing cold. Now, water and shock I understand, but I don't think too many folks are going to combine freezing conditions with water, but who am I to say! Olympus' most recent compact wonder is the Stylus 1030 SW. This unique camera is shockproof to 6.6 feet, freezeproof to 14 degrees F and waterproof to 33 feet. It features a 3.6x optical zoom, a handy 28-102mm zoom range (35mm equivalent) and 10.1 megapixels. In addition to its rugged design, perhaps the Stylus 1030 SW's most notable feature is its underwater scene mode. Add up all of these features, and you have the perfect camera for both beach shooting and snorkeling. Add the optional Olympus PT-041 housing, and the Olympus Stylus 1030 SW can be used for scuba diving to a depth of 110 feet! Estimated Street Price: $349 (Olympus Stylus 1030 SW); $209 (Olympus PT-041 housing).

Pentax Optio W60 
The Pentax Optio W60 is a waterproof compact designed to withstand water, sand and, yes, freezing conditions. This 10-megapixel camera features a 5x optical zoom with a 35mm-equivalent range of 28-140mm. A notable feature is the fact that the zoom lens never protrudes from the camera body, keeping it safe from damage. The Optio W60 is waterproof to 13 feet (for two hours); it features an HD-resolution movie mode and a Digital Wide function that improves the wide-angle capability to 21mm (35mm equiv...

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Going Deep: Underwater Photography

Going Deep

New Cameras From SeaLife Make Underwater Photography Easier

With several halls filled with photo equipment it doesn't come as a surprise that Photokina has an underwater world. (With apologies to Kevin Costner -- or is it the other way around?)

This exhibition within and exhibition was surrounded by water tanks with various equipment taking a dive or swim. Some were regular cameras in housings both simple and advanced. Some were compact camera that were also waterproof.

While it seemed that the choice was surrounding your camera with a housing or a compact camera that was also waterproof, the SeaLife booth offered a third option. They were showing two camera systems that were specifically built for being near, or under water.

Their ReefMaster mini is depth rated to 130 feet. While it looks like a ruggedized compact camera, it has oversized buttons like a traditional underwater housing to make operating the camera with gloves on easier.

For the more serious underwater photographer SeaLife showed the DC-800 Pro camera that comes with either one or two external flash units. (You can also get the camera without the external flash.)

As was mentioned by underwater photographers that made presentations at the underwater world stage -- flash is critical for most underwater photography. The DC-800 has specific white balance modes that are up to the challenges of shooting underwater. With settings like Blue Oceans or Rivers/Lakes you'll better color under the sea.

The external flash units have a large power control knob that is easily adjusted while wearing dive gloves. The triggering cable for the flash is an optical connection to assure consistent flash firing.

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