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As technology advances, technology decreases in size. Ultra mobile computers are an example of this. Continue reading to learn more about ultra mobile computers and get information on local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

Lightship Consulting Inc
(410) 461-5838
4504 Chews Ter
Ellicott City, MD
Rodbard & Associates
(410) 461-1022
723 Pleasant Hill Rd
Ellicott City, MD
Jony Llc
(410) 744-5355
5113 Britten Ln
Ellicott City, MD
Creative Network
(410) 465-2022
4340 Doncaster Dr
Ellicott City, MD
Collaborative Technologies
(410) 480-9470
3280 Pine Orchard Ln
Ellicott City, MD
Athabasca Software
(410) 997-5958
4931 Lee Farm Ct
Ellicott City, MD
The Users Friend Inc
(410) 429-4018
7 Mamopa Ct
Ellicott City, MD
Hmg Technologies
(410) 203-1447
8358 Main St
Ellicott City, MD
Vision Systems & Technology
(410) 418-5555
8128 High Meadow Ct
Ellicott City, MD
The Fillmore
(410) 465-6335
3213 Corporate Ct
Ellicott City, MD

Cool Gear: Ultramobile Computers

Cool Gear: Ultramobile Computers

Take your digital darkroom just about anywhere with this new breed of portables

Cool Gear: Ultramobile Computers

The future of computing is looking very portable. In March, Microsoft, Intel and some other high-profile consumer electronics companies announced a new platform for portable computing, the "Ultra Mobile PC," or UMPC for acronym enthusiasts. A handheld computer running Windows XP sounded like a great idea, but one that would probably not materialize as a real product for some time.

So I was happily surprised when Samsung ( www.samsungusa.com ) officially launched its new Q1 at the beginning of May. It's already available online for $1,099 at Best Buy and CDW, and will show up in retail stores this summer.

The Samsung Q1 runs a full version of Windows XP Tablet edition that, along with an Intel Celeron M processor, powers this touchscreen computer. Measuring just 9.0x5.5x1.0 inches and weighing in at less than two pounds, it really is ultramobile. The seven-inch widescreen display, while small for serious photo enhancement, is still big enough to get basic imaging work done, and it's a terrific solution for downloading, organizing, e-mailing and uploading photos on the go.

A 40 GB hard drive gives you plenty of space for applications and photo storage. There are two USB ports and a CompactFlash card slot built in, so you can easily connect your camera directly to the Q1, or just slip in your memory card. And because it's running Windows XP, you can use all of your favorite applications, just as you do on your home or notebook computer.

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