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Tablets are advanced portable computers. Adapt to touchscreen with a tablet. Here you’ll find additional information on tablets as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Silvestrov Yuriy
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Thomson Software Services Inc
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Intellisys Inc
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Berbee Information Networks
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Synchart Personal Health Record
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Ks Computing Inc
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Intuos4 Wireless

Intuos4 Wireless

Lean back and get comfortable—Wacom’s pressure-sensitive control and smart shortcut keys are now available tether-free

We love Wacom tablets for photo enhancements. Pressure-sensitive pens give you unmatched control and efficiency with common retouching tasks like cloning and painting layer masks. Intuos4, Wacom’s professional tablet series, was introduced last year and featured several innovative enhancements and conveniences. The new Intuos4 Wireless adds Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to move freely as you work. List Price: $399. Contact: Wacom, .

Our number-one favorite upgrade of the Intuos4 tablets, both wired and wireless, is the addition of illuminated displays identifying the com-mands you’ve selected for your ExpressKeys. ExpressKeys give you instant access to shortcuts you use often and can be customized for each app you use, hence, the great utility of these glowing reminders. The default settings for Photoshop include the Hand tool (awesome) and the primary modifier keys—Shift, Alt/Option and Command/ Control—reducing your need for the keyboard. That’s the idea behind ExpressKeys.

Between the two blocks of ExpressKeys is the Touch Ring. This acts as a zooming or scrolling control, like a mouse wheel. It, too, can be customized, and has four modes for four different customizable actions. Toggle between the modes with the central button, and an illuminated indicator displays which of the four modes is active. The defaults for Photoshop include zoom (mode 1) and brush size (mode 3), both of which are handy for photo retouching.

By default, Wacom maps your pen gestures in Pen mode. In this mode, the tablet surface represents your entire screen. When you hover with your pen over the tablet surface, your cursor appears in the corresponding position on your screen. It’s direct and efficient—but initially disorienting for mouse users accustomed to dragging the cursor around. If you prefer to drag your cursor, you can set the tablet to Mouse mode, but we recommend Pen mode and a little practice to get the most out of the tablet experience.

Without the cable, the Intuos4 Wireless feels more mobile and self-contained. Though the traditional desktop pen stand is included, the Intuos4 Wireless also provides a snap-in elastic pen grip so you can keep tablet and pen together. Wacom specs an untethered working radius of up to 33 feet, but that’s largely dependent on the range of your computer’s Bluetooth module.

The Intuos4 pen is built around the Wacom Generation 2 Tip Sensor, with double the sensitivity of the previous generation. It can distinguish up to 2,048 levels of pressure for improved precision and a more natural “feel,” and can sense pressure as light as one gram. If you like technical details, you can read the white paper about Wacom’s pe...

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Wacom Bamboo with MultiTouch

Wacom Adds Multi-Touch To Bamboo

Combines Multi-Touch and pen input

Vancouver, WA – Sept. 24, 2009 – Wacom® today announced an exciting new computer input solution with the introduction of Multi-Touch in its new family of Bamboo tablets. Bamboo tablets are USB peripherals that deliver natural and intuitive input to desktop or laptop computer users. With the ultimate goal of creating harmony between humans and technology, Wacom combines Multi-Touch (finger-based input) with pen input to deliver an entirely new standard in human-computer interaction. “Multi-Touch provides a very natural and intuitive way for users to navigate and interact with applications,” said Dennis Hoff, senior consumer product manager for Wacom. “By combining Multi-Touch with our renowned pen technology, Bamboo provides users with a new computer input approach that is not only extremely flexible, but friendly, fresh and fun.”

Bamboo includes a family of five distinct tablets: touch-only, pen-only and three versions of the pen and Multi-Touch combination. Bamboo offers choices to give end-users the freedom to work with their computer the way they want. Bamboo also goes beyond current mouse and other input solutions by adding the power of Multi-Touch gestures such as zoom, scroll, pan and rotate. Compatible with Windows® or Mac® operating systems, Bamboo is easy to use and introduces a way of computing that is about as natural as one can get.

Bamboo’s timely introduction reflects modern design and functionality by offering new ways to interact with computer-based content. “Multi-Touch and pen input are highly complementary input methodologies, each providing distinct benefits to the overall creative experience. We live in a world where people demand immediate and direct interaction during computer sessions,” continues Hoff. “Making that interaction as natural and easy as possible is Bamboo’s raison d’être.”

Getting In Touch with Bamboo

The next generation Bamboo family is as diverse as the user it intends to serve. While Multi-Touch input might be foreign to some, there is a whole generation of touch-centric users who have emerged thanks to the introduction of mobile devices, such as the Apple® iPhone™ and even larger surface displays like those found in Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Touch is here to stay and Bamboo addresses this growing affinity for touch by providing a line of inspirational products that meet this phenomenon head on. “We are quite literally putting input control and expression into the hands of the user by making Multi-Touch available for everyone,” explains Hoff. “It truly represents a positive move within the user community by introducing a natural, human element to the computing experience.”

“Pentastic” Bamboo
Wacom’s patented, pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless pen is still central to the Bamboo experience. While Multi-Touch gives users a fresh new way to interact and navigate with their computer, pen input delivers th...

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Wacom Intuos4

Wacom Intuos4

Next generation pen tablet delivers new pen technology

wacom intuos 4Vancouver, WA – Mar. 25, 2009 – Wacom today unveils the long anticipated Intuos4, a revolutionary new professional pen tablet that delivers new features and unparalleled performance to photographers, designers and artists seeking optimal control and improved productivity. Inspired by members of Wacom’s professional community, the next generation Intuos is anchored by the Intuos4’s amazing new pen performance, capable of capturing the slightest nuance of pen pressure against the tablet surface, as well as offering 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Other innovative product enhancements include a refined and intelligent industrial design that provides real advancements in looks, comfort and control. Specific workflow and productivity tools to savor include the customizable shortcut and modifier keys with accompanying OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays, which allow users to see, via the displays, what the keys are currently set to.

All New Pen Performance

The Intuos4 Grip Pen features Wacom’s new proprietary Tip Sensor technology, offering users near-zero (one gram) starting pressure for the most sensitive Intuos pen tablet performance to date. “Now, pressure-sensitive support can start with an incredibly light touch, emulating the same feel, response and result derived from working with traditional creative tools such as brushes, markers and pens,” said Don Varga, Senior Product Manager for Wacom Technology Corp. Additionally, the Intuos4 pen delivers 2048 levels of pressure, doubling the resolution of the pen’s pressure curve to further enhance feedback and expand the creative effects within software applications that support pressure sensitivity. “Delivering a consistently responsive and fruitful pen tablet experience starts with the pen and the Intuos4 Grip Pen provides a broader range of input options that will delight even the most discriminating professional,” continues Varga. “In addition, our latest pen technology should encourage Wacom’s software partners to continue to expand pen-related features and functionality.” The Intuos4 Grip Pen also features a pressure-sensitive eraser and two customizable side switches that can be customized for commands such as double-click and right-click. For those looking for a pen with a thicker barrel, a wide-body Intuos4 replacement grip is being made available as an optional accessory.

Breakthrough Design Improves Workflow, Boosts Productivity

With its ergonomic design, the ultra-slim Intuos4 pen tablet is the ideal creative instrument for working with digital content in comfort. Available in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra large, all wide format, the Intuos4’s new asymmetrical design puts all of the customizable ExpressKeys™ and Touch Ring on one side of the tablet, making them all available to the users’ non-dominant hand. The application-specific ExpressKeys are instrumental in helping impro...

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