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Projectors can turn any room into a home theater. Use them for a professional presentation or for personal entertainment. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search for projectors.

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Canon Projector

New Canon Projector

A High-Res and Affordable Multimedia Solution

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., January 8, 2009 – Responding to the higher resolution and widescreen transition in all forms of visual display, and to the affordability requirements of many professional users, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today introduced the REALiS SX800, the latest advancement in Canon’s acclaimed line of REALiS Multimedia Projectors.

Featuring bright, crisp 3000 lumens display and a contrast ratio of 900:1, the new Canon REALiS SX800 provides an affordable alternative for XGA (1024 x 768) users seeking to upgrade to a higher resolution SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) projector. The benefits of upgrading include:

• Larger desktop area (an increase of almost 87 percent more pixels)

• Widescreen notebook and desktop computer support (displays WXGA uncompressed)

• Displays 720p HD video uncompressed (also supports 1080p HD)

Totally designed and manufactured by Canon, the new REALiS SX800 employs next-generation 0.55-inch LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) reflective LCD panels. These high-resolution SXGA+ panels help deliver detailed, lattice-free motion and still images by virtually eliminating the “screen door effect,” a faint grid pattern often seen in transmissive LCD projection. The panels are an integral component of Canon’s proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) Optical Engine. This advanced engine is best known for achieving projection with vibrant colors and high contrast and brightness, while maintaining a compact body design. Other benefits of AISYS include crisp display of small text, realistic and seamless photo reproduction, smooth rendition of fine lines, and accurate display of subtle color gradation and tones of black and grey.

“The transition to higher resolution projectors is upon us. Now that presentation professionals are using higher resolution notebook and desktop computers, they are insisting on using higher resolution projectors to accurately display their content.” stated Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “In today’s economy, these professionals are demanding higher resolution projectors at more affordable prices. With the introduction of the new REALiS SX800 Multimedia Projector, Canon is making high-resolution SXGA+ LCOS projection available to the mass market, including those users in price-sensitive sectors.”

In addition, Canon’s new REALiS SX800 Multimedia Projector includes many features found on higher-end REALiS models including a Genuine Canon 1.5x zoom lens that has been designed with special components and coatings to ensure superb image reproduction, while minimizing glare and ghosting. The zoom lens also facilitates projector placement, allowing users to easily change the screen size to accommodate different presentation venues and situations. Keystone correction, which is aided by a 10:0 Lens Offset feature, is provided as part of the Auto ...

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Leica Pradovit D-1200

Leica Pradovit D-1200

A New Projector with Superior Image Quality

With all the buzz about the Leica S2 their booth was busy at Photokina. As I wandered around the various displays there was a strange looking 15 foot long rectangular box in the middle of the floor. One end was about 2 feet square and the other end was about 4 feet. it was all black -- this was the Leica booth after all.

I walked up to it and realized that you could look into it. Sitting there was a small video projector that was displaying images down at the other end of the box. The pictures looked great. Then as I looked around I saw this same projector on the counter, it had a rather disproportionately large lens sticking out the front.

This was the new Leica Pradovit D-1200 projector. It is equipped with a new DLP engine from Texas Instruments, and has a custom engineered color wheel specifically designed for Leica.

Usually when talking about projectors you are soon mired into deep discussions of contrast ratio, lumens or nits. But what is often neglected is the optics that are delivering the image to the screen. I soon got to experience the D-1200 out of the box in the Leica Kino theater that they had set up.

The image quality was great (it doesn't hurt that they were showing images from some great photographers as opposed to obligatory projector footage of over-enhanced bowls of fruit or flowers). The brightness was great, but what struck me the most was how flat the illumination was across the screen.

While noise is one thing in images, in projectors it is actually heard. Unless rear projected many projectors end up being in the same room as the viewer. Leica's projector is very quiet.

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Three Canon LCD Projectors Feature 1.6X Zoom Lens

Three New Canon LCD Projectors Feature 1.6X Zoom Lens

Canon LV-7265, LV-7260, LV-X7LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., February 21, 2007 - In an age when vivid, big-screen image display has become so essential to business, education, and many other fields, Canon has once again increased the price-performance impact of its affordable LV Series of LCD-based Multimedia Projectors. Three new compact, feature-packed models- the LV-7265, LV-7260, and LV-X7 Multimedia Projectors- all deliver bright, high-quality XGA images, and provide users with a stellar blend of an extremely short throw distance, and a powerful yet versatile 1.6x Canon wide-angle zoom lens.

The product of genuine Canon Optics, this new seven-group projection lens provides greater flexibility in projector placement. The combination of the short throw distance and optical zoom of these three new projectors adapt to many environments, which is an essential feature for classrooms, conference rooms of almost any size, and other situations that require bright, "large-screen," high-fidelity images. Canon's new LV-7265, LV-7260, and LV-X7 Multimedia Projectors are well-suited for presenting graphics and video from laptop computers, video from DVDs and VCRs, or live images from the Canon RE-455X Visualizer. These new LV Series projectors can also easily connect to Canon digital camcorders and digital cameras for fast, seamless video projection. Incorporating a fresh, new design, Canon's LV-7265, LV-7260, and LV-X7 Multimedia Projectors offer a host of new features for great display performance and convenient operation.

"Our customers not only expect advanced features in their projectors that enable them to make great presentations, they also want innovative user-friendliness and flexible placement options that makes delivering an impactful presentation easier," said Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "These new LV-7265, LV-7260 and LV-X7 Multimedia Projectors satisfy both needs because they're affordably engineered to provide crisp, clear, and bright images for presentation audiences and versatile ease-of use for the presenters themselves."

Canon's new LV-7265, LV-7260 and LV-X7 Multimedia Projectors output high-quality XGA (1024 x 768) resolution imagery and also support UXGA (1600 x 1200) and SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution display through high-quality compression. The top-of-line LV-Series LV-7265 Multimedia Projector delivers a powerful 2500 ANSI Lumen (the LV-7260 Multimedia Projector provides 2000 ANSI lumens, the LV-X7 Multimedia Projector 1500 ANSI lumens). The LV-7265 and LV-7260 Multimedia Projectors also feature a contrast ratio of 600:1 (with 500:1 provided by the LV-X7 Multimedia Projector).

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