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Photo Viewers are great for sharing and viewing your photos. Use a photo viewer to select the right shots and manage photographs easily. Read through the following articles to learn more about photo viewers and find local companies and providers who can help you find what you’re looking for.

Wolf Camera
(704) 708-5506
Sycamore Commons Shopping Center 2335 Matthews Township Parkway Suite 101
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Ritz Camera
(919) 572-0131
The Streets @ Southpoint 6910 Fayetteville Road
Durham, NC
Wolf Camera
(704) 541-7488
Arboretum 3351 Pineville Matthews Rd Ste 100
Charlotte, NC
Wolf Camera
(704) 544-0150
Ballantyne Commons East 15235 John J Delaney Drive
Charlotte, NC
Ritz Camera
(336) 768-4066
Hanes Mall 3320 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston-Salem, NC
Wolf Camera
(919) 859-1106
Crescent Commons 2072 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC
Wolf Camera
(704) 366-1007
Southpark Mall 4400 Sharon Road Suite 204
Charlotte, NC
Wolf Camera
(919) 676-1123
Harvest Plaza 8800-103 Harvest Oaks Drive
Raleigh, NC
Wolf Camera
(704) 987-0213
Birkdale Village 8830 Lindholm Dr. Suite 120
Huntersville, NC
Wolf Camera
(704) 542-7971
Carolina Place 11025 Carolina Place Parkway
Pineville, NC

JOBO Portable Photo Viewer

JOBO Introduces New Portable Photo Viewer

Easy-to-use JOBO X7 Features 7-inch display and 1GB of Internal Memory

Gummersbach, Germany (September 3, 2008) - JOBO AG announces a unique and very portable new addition to the growing JOBO family of digital picture frames. Featuring a 7-inch viewing screen and 1GB of internal memory capable of storing up to 10,000 images, the new wallet-like JOBO X7 Portable Photo Viewer is the perfect accessory for photographers on the go or anyone who wishes to take their favorite pictures along with them to share with family and friends.

"Sharing photos with family and friends is a compelling motivation for today's digital photographers," said Johannes Bockemühl, CEO of JOBO. "With the announcement of the portable X7 Portable Photo Viewer, JOBO is making it easier than ever for photographers to share their digital files wherever and whenever they want to."

Digital images can be transferred to the JOBO X7 by inserting a CF, SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro or xD memory card or via USB connection to a computer. The photo viewer's 1 GB of internal memory can store up to 10,000 images. When images are transferred via memory card the X7 automatically creates a new folder for each transfer of images from a memory card. These folders can be viewed as-is or they can be renamed and sorted afterwards by the user via USB connection to a computer. This capability allows users to organize and display specific slideshows according to subjects just as vacation, birthday, wedding etc.

In addition, the new JOBO X7 features a solid rubber protection rim on all sides of the device allowing for a safe and comfortable grip when hand-held. The X7's unique new protective Nappa leather cover flips around to the back of the frame to function as a convenient stand for table-top viewing.

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Short Report: Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Short Report: Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

A portable hard drive/viewer can quickly become a part of your photographic system

Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Though I used to look as if I was loaded for bear when I went out to shoot—two cameras, multiple lenses, flash units and a bundle of accessories—those days are gone. My legs, and especially my back, demand that I try to travel as light as possible. But in the age of digital, a laptop has become as necessary as the camera and memory card. The Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer provides a great alternative to the laptop and still allows me to back up and share the images I spend so much time creating.

Sporting a bright and sharp four-inch display, the P-5000 (80 GB) and its lower-capacity sibling, the P-3000 (40 GB), provide ample storage for days or weeks of shooting, depending on how prolific you are. During breaks in shooting, it became an easy thing to slip my CompactFlash or SD card into the device and quickly download my RAW+JPEG files directly to the unit's ample hard drive.

The LCD's bright, crisp image and its resolution of 640 x 480 made reviewing images a real pleasure. The P-5000 works with both the sRGB color space and Adobe RGB, which is my preferred color space. This helped me to accurately judge color and white balance. I could also evaluate the accuracy of my exposure during playback on the P-5000 using its histogram and highlight warning.

My wife and I, who are increasingly creating short videos using the video mode of our compact digital cameras, appreciated the P-5000's support of various video formats. The ability to quickly download and share the video footage, complete with sound, helped make us very popular at a recent family gathering. The large screen made it easy for several people to gather around to watch the footage that we had created minutes before.

The P-5000's menu screen and controls made navigating through its various features easy and intuitive. Even before reading the manual, I was able to smoothly negotiate many of its functions.


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Toolbox: Photo & Multimedia Viewers

Toolbox: Photo & Multimedia Viewers

Portable viewers provide a big screen for review and backup storage while on the go

Many digital cameras are now sporting large, high-resolution LCDs, which are terrific for composition and limited review of images. We're glad to see these larger screens, but for an even better mobile viewing experience, multimedia viewers are hard to beat. Smaller and more portable than a laptop, these viewers include the ability to view all types of media, including photos. Some have built-in card readers and ample internal storage for backing up and reviewing images as you shoot.

With sharp resolutions and preview functions like zooming and panning, multimedia players provide enhanced visual inspection. This can help you check details like exposure and focus with better clarity than on the camera's LCD—before you find out too late that you've missed the shot. Images that pass the review are then safely archived for convenient transport, and multimedia players can even function as a redundant backup.

Also, with one small gadget, you can have an entire portfolio of your work to show to friends, family and business prospects. Many players offer slick slideshow presentations for such occasions, often with the ability to output to televisions as well. Plus, the multimedia features allow you to take some entertainment along with you too, all in one handy device.

These devices all feature both a card reader and internal storage, ideal if you want the ability to back up images in the field and free up space on your memory card. They also allow you enhanced review capabilities to check focus and exposure.

Toolbox: Photo & Multimedia Viewers Epson P-5000
The bright 4.0-inch LCD display of Epson's P-5000 multimedia player sports high-resolution 640 x 480-pixel playback in either sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces and incorporates the four-color filter system of Epson's Photo Fine Ultra LCD technology to provide more than 16.7-million colors. RAW support is also included, and a histogram and highlight warning ensure exposure accuracy. The built-in memory card slot supports CompactFlash and Secure Digital cards, and an included USB cable transfers data from any attachable USB 2.0 device to the internal 80 GB storage. The P-5000 also features slideshow and video playback and can display on TVs or projectors through an optional A/V cable. Direct support for PictBridge-enabled printers is included.

As a bonus, Epson now provides a Storage Viewer Travel Pack free with the purchase of the P-5000, which includes a protective carrying case with accessory pockets, a dual battery charger, a car charger, a portable viewing stand, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a protective film for the LCD screen. List Price: $699.

Toolbox: Photo & Multimedia Viewers Digital Foci Picture Porter Elite
Support of the RAW format means unaltered image backup, and with a broad range of support for popular RAW files, as well as JPEG, TIFF, GIF and B...

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