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Personal Servers allow users to host their own content online. Utilize a personal server to share your photography with the world. Here you’ll find additional information on personal servers as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Micronet Systems Intergrations
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Absolute Business Computer
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Paradigm Solutions
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Pc Pc
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Business Technologies of New England
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Micronomics Inc
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Synchrosystems Inc
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Vertalis Llc
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652 Dedham St
Wrentham, MA

Short Report: Mirra Personal Server

Short Report: Mirra Personal Server

Gain secure backup of your photos plus remote access as needed with this device

SR: Mirra Personal Server

Backup is a little like flossing. We all know we should do it, but it just isn't a particularly fun part of photography. We'd all rather be out taking photos or working on them in our image-processing program than dealing with the details of files and being sure we've backed them up properly. Who can remember anyway?

The Mirra Personal Server makes the whole backup process extremely easy. It's composed of three parts: a backup system device that's always on, Mirra backup software and a unique Website for remote access of images. Mirra says that it can be set up in 30 minutes, and our experience supports that claim. Once set up, you hardly know it's there, yet it's keeping your files backed up and safe at all times.

Once I installed the system on my computer, I simply indicated which folders I wanted to continuously back up. After taking a bit of time to copy all the files already in those folders (the time it takes is dependent on the size of your total files and the speed of your computer), the Mirra system remembers those folders and automatically backs up anything that's new in them. Not only that, but it will create up to eight versions of your files so you can access earlier renderings of your images as needed. This assures that your images are protected and ready for your use.

The system also offers a unique and secure remote access feature that allows you to set up an account on Mirra's Website for yourself, and others you designate, to access your photos from afar. No photos actually are on the Website; they stay on your unit. The Mirra folks used this method of access to increase security on your Mirra server. In addition, the website will remotely do health checks on the server to keep you safe from computer problems, and the system isn't vulnerable to viruses, so this can be a valuable piece of gear given today's relentless virus attacks.

The Mirra Personal Server starts at $399 for an 80 GB system and is available only for Windows XP and 2000.

Contact: Mirra, Inc., .

Key Features

• Automatic backup of photo files

• Secure remote access to files

• Protection from Internet viruses

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