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Panasonic D-SLR Ames IA

Panasonic Digital single lens reflex cameras are the camera of choice for the majority of professional photographers. They offer high quality, clear shots that can make any photographer impressed. Here you’ll find additional information on Panasonic D-SLR as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Walden Photo
(515) 232-8050
317 Main St
Ames, IA
Camera Corner the
(563) 391-4778
Davenport, IA
Camera Land 1 Hour Photo
(319) 752-0051
108 N Main St
Burlington, IA
Leiserowitz H B Co
(515) 244-5195
13th & Mulberry
Des Moines, IA
Porter's Camera Outlet Store
(319) 373-0658
224 Collins Rd NE
Cedar Rapids, IA

Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10

First Look: Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10

This new 10.1-megapixel D-SLR features a 2.5-inch rotating live-view monitor, face detection and much more

Panasonic's first D-SLR, the Lumix DMC-L1, was a 7.5-megapixel model similar in form and function to the Olympus EVOLT E-330, the first D-SLR to offer a live-view LCD monitor. Now Panasonic has introduced its second D-SLR, the 10.1-megapixel Lumix DMC-L10, with a more conventional appearance and a live-view monitor that tilts and rotates. The new camera is geared toward the compact digital camera user who wants such SLR advantages as interchangeable lenses and better image quality and autofocusing performance.


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