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Camera Lenses directly impact the clarity of your shots. The many different shapes and sizes of camera lenses produce different effects. Continue reading to learn more about Olympus lenses and get information on local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

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Olympus Super-Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

New Olympus Super-Wide-Angle Zoom Lens

new olympusCENTER VALLEY, Pa., May 13, 2008 - Olympus has applied its optical expertise to develop the Zuiko Digital 18-36mm equivalent (ED 9-18mm Four Thirds) f4.0-f5.6, a super-wide-angle zoom lens covering a wide focal length range. This compact ultra-wide-angle zoom lens can be used on any of the Olympus E-System digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera bodies, and measures only 3 inches long and weighs a mere 9.88 ounces for greater portability.

The lens' lightweight design coupled with In-Body Image Stabilization - available in the flagship E-3, E-510 and the newly announced E-520 - makes capturing amazing, blur-free images possible even without a tripod. Olympus now offers two super-wide-angle zoom lenses (9-18mm affordable consumer lens and 7-14mm splash-proof lens for the pro photographer) that feature both a focal distance equivalent to less than 20mm on a 35mm camera and image stabilization. E-System owners also realize the benefits of Live View, which makes it possible to shoot from unique perspectives that are difficult with an optical viewfinder alone, including over a crowd or at ground-level to catch a toddler's first steps.

"Affordable super wide-angle lenses with equivalent focal lengths less than 20mm have not been widely available in digital SLR photography," said John Knaur, senior marketing manager - DSLR, Olympus Imaging America Inc. "Pairing this lens or any of the other Zuiko digital lenses with the new E-520, and its in-body image stabilization, provides a combination ideal for lower light shots like a fountain at night. This combination offers image stabilization for a super wide-angle zoom not found in camera systems with in-lens stabilization."

100% Digital-Specific Lens for Sharpness and Rich Colors
The 9-18mm lens is part of Olympus' expanding line of 100 percent digital lenses - designed specifically for digital photography. Unlike other camera companies, Olympus does not rely on old film lenses, which often result in images with soft edges or other imperfections.

Availability and U.S. Pricing / Product Configurations
The Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f.4.0-f5.6 will be available in the fall of 2008. The estimated street price will be $599.99.

Olympus Imaging America Inc. is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering award-winning products for consumer and professional markets.

Olympus Imaging America Inc. works collaboratively with its customers and its ultimate parent company, Olympus Corporation, to develop breakthrough technologies with revolutionary product design and functionality that enhances peoples' lives every day. These include:

∗ Digital and Film Cameras as well as related Underwater Products and Accessories
∗ Professional Digital SLR Imaging Systems as well as related Underwater Products and Accessories
∗ Digital and Microcassette Recorders
∗ Digital Media
∗ Bino...

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Three Olympus Zuiko Digital Lenses

Olympus Announces Three New Zuiko Digital Lenses

Olmpus Zuiko Digital LensCENTER VALLEY, Pa., October 16, 2007 - Launching together with the new Olympus E-3 Digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, Olympus proudly adds three new ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses to its line of 100 percent digital-specific optics. These innovative lenses employ Olympus' newly-developed Supersonic Wave Drive (SWD) technology inside to provide quiet, ultra-fast autofocus (AF) speed, and offer several impressive distinctions.

New ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD, in combination with the E-3, delivers the fastest autofocus speed in the world;1

The ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD focuses twice as fast as the previous ZUIKO DIGITAL lens with that focal length; and

The ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-35mm f2.0 SWD joins the existing ZUIKO DIGITAL 35-100mm f2.0 as the brightest fixed aperture lenses in their class.

Moreover, a new ultra-compact, high-performance ZUIKO DIGITAL EC-20 2x Teleconverter doubles the focal lengths of any lens attached from the wide selection of FourThirds and Olympus E-System lenses, for twice the telephoto power. Now the ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 SWD (which covers a zoom range equivalent to 100mm to 400mm on a 35mm camera lens), combined with the EC-20, will provide a huge equivalent zoom range of 200-800mm.

"With these three new SWD lenses, we've got outstanding glass to match the high quality performance of our flagship E-3 digital SLR," said John Knaur, senior marketing manager, Digital SLR, Olympus Imaging America Inc. "In testing, the autofocus speed of the 12-60mm has proven to be the fastest in the world, and the 14-35mm is the world's first standard zoom lens to rival fixed focal length lens speed with a bright F2.0 aperture. The fast-focusing 50-200mm telephoto is ideal for sports and action photography, and these three lenses fulfill many of a photographer's focal length needs."

All three SWD lenses will be manufactured at the Olympus Tatsuno Plant in Japan, which is equipped with the highest state-of-the-art production technology in the field of optical equipment.

Supersonic Wave Drive Technology
Olympus-proprietary SWD technology has enabled an ultra-fast, whisper-quiet, high-precision AF system. Two compact, high-powered SWD devices power autofocus at an ultra-high speed by exciting unique elliptical oscillations, while an ultra-compact 5.3mm x 4.3mm optical encoder detects and controls the lens drive position using direct rotation detection without reduction gear. This enables it to achieve a level of precision that's accurate to 5 microns (5/1000 mm). When used in combination with the new E-3, which offers improved AF computation and lens-body communication rates, the SWD motors provide the fastest focusing speed of approximately 170 ms (0.17 seconds).

ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD
The ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 SWD is a high-performance standard zoom lens, which covers a zoom range ...

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Two Olympus Zoom Lenses

Olympus Adds Two New Zoom Lenses

Designed for micro four thirds system

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., November 5, 2009 – Olympus announces today that it will introduce two new Micro Four Thirds System lenses in the first half of 2010. The new super wide-angle zoom M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6 lens (18-36mm equivalent) and high-power wide to telephoto zoom M. ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-150mm f4.0-5.6 lens (28-300mm equivalent) offer amazing optical performance in an extraordinarily compact and lightweight design that translates into taking your PEN camera anywhere for DSLR-quality images and unmatched freedom and creativity.

The Micro Four Thirds System standard meets the telecentric requirements of the 100 percent dedicated digital design, where light rays must strike the imaging sensor nearly head-on for optimum edge-to-edge image reproduction. This is achieved using a much smaller design than the Four Thirds System standard by reducing the outer diameter of the lens mount by 6mm, and the distance from the lens mount to the focal plane (the flange back distance) by approximately half.

The super wide-angle zoom lens currently in development will maximize the advantages of compact Micro Four Thirds System design with a length of only about 50mm (less than two inches), making it significantly smaller than the Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm F4.0-5.6 (designed for the Four Thirds standard), which has an identical zoom range. In the same manner, the high-power wide to telephoto zoom lens currently in development will be extremely compact, with an exceptionally small lens barrel diameter of only about 65mm (2.5 inches). Offering a zoom range that covers the most commonly used focal lengths, the lens will be compact enough to conveniently leave mounted on the camera all the time.

Both lenses will use ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements to suppress the color aberration that can degrade image quality, particularly at wide-angle focal lengths. As a result, they will offer truly uncompromising image quality and brightness in an extremely compact package.

The two new lenses are being designed for use with the Olympus PEN E-P1, which was introduced in June to an overwhelmingly positive response, and the E-P2, which was also announced today, as well as any other current and future cameras that comply with the Micro Four Thirds System standard. When mounting the lenses on any Olympus PEN camera, users also can take advantage of the camera’s in-body Image Stabilization system, which offers effective camera shake compensation at all focal lengths.

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