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Camera tripods stabilize the shots taken. If you want a steady, in focus shot, consider using a tripod. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search for camera tripods and equipment.

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Induro Adventure Series Tripods

Induro Introduces Adventure Series Tripods

induro introducesElmsford, NY - May 28, 2008 - Induro, manufacturer of professional quality tripods, monopods and heads, announced a new line of tripods aimed at budget-conscious photographers. Called the Induro Adventure Series, each model comes as a complete kit, including tripod, head and carrying case. Ease of operation, quality and strength are integrated into a lightweight, compact design. The tripod is made from an advanced combination of magnesium and aluminum alloy and features quick lock legs, a precisely matched interchangeable ball head and a quick release plate.

To accommodate uneven terrain, awkward shooting situations or for low angle shooting, the Adventure Series Tripod provides a 3-position leg angle adjustment. Each leg can be independently adjusted by pulling the sliding leg angle lock out and selecting one of the three step positions (24, 55 or 80 degrees). Each leg section can also be independently adjusted to the desired length by pulling open the flip-style leg lock levers.

The Adventure Series Tripod offers the ability to reverse the center column, which has a grooved slot to prevent unwanted rotation, for close-up photography, copy work and for difficult to reach objects. The single action ball-locking lever controls all movements, and a quick release plate system allows quick connecting and disconnecting from the head. Extra plates are available for lenses and additional camera bodies. The head and camera mounting platform move freely, providing a 90-degree vertical angle and a 360-degrees rotation. A deluxe carrying bag with strap is included.

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Supporting Video

Supporting Video

A quick look at gear to keep your video on the level

supporting video
Davis & Sanford ATP With FM18 Head
The beauty of HD video is that it’s incredibly crisp and detailed—and that’s also its difficulty. Even a small amount of camera shake can be hard to watch for very long. If you’re getting into video with one of the latest HD camcorders or an SLR that offers HD capture, you want to give your camera proper support.

For the steadiest video, combine a sturdy tripod with a fluid head. A fluid head, as the name implies, is ideal for stabilizing hand-controlled camera movements such as panning, tracking and tilting. The Gitzo G2180 fluid head, for instance, uses a specialized polymer construction for dampening vibration and reducing camera shake. There are separate friction and pan controls for finely tuned tracking ability, and the counterbalance system works in seven different positions and can offset up to 5.5 pounds of weight, perfect for a video D-SLR with lens attached. List Price: $250.

supporting video
Gitzo G2180 Fluid Head
Ideal for both video and still shooting on location, the Davis & Sanford All Terrain Pod with FM18 video head features weather-resistant aluminum and stainless-steel construction, in addition to two-section legs that are self-cleaning. The rectangular, closed-channel design works well on unstable ground, and the freeze-proof vice-action leg locks, pivoting flat/pointed feet and self-locking gear mechanism provide precise “No-Drift” elevation adjustment and secure footing. The removable three-way video head is quick-release for following the action. The All Terrain Pod with FM18 head can carry a weight load of 35 pounds (tripod) and 18 pounds (head), more than enough for a video D-SLR. List Price: $244.

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Tripods & Supports

Tripods & Supports

When sharpness is essential, there's nothing more important than camera support

Capturing sharp photos requires sturdy legs. Yes, that means adding more to your load, but few accessories are as essential as a tripod. Lenses and cameras with image stabilization definitely help, but nothing ensures sharpness like a tripod. Plus, a tripod locks in your composition for careful review before you shoot and prevents you from accidentally changing it as you’re taking the shot.

The key, of course, is finding one that works for you. If space or price is an issue, there are tripod alternatives. A mini-tripod will save you room, but make sure it can handle the weight of the camera and lenses you use. Another option is a monopod, which is lighter but also less steady. Softer supports, like beanbags, also can come in handy.


Benro Carbon Travel Angel
If you do a lot of traveling, the Benro Carbon Travel Angel is a good choice because when folded, the tripod is just 14.6 inches long and fits easily into a backpack or suitcase. Model TRCB269 features a load capacity of 26.4 pounds, weighs 3.5 pounds and lengthens to 61.3 inches with the center column extended. The legs can be independently locked into place

Cullmann Magnesit 532C
at two different angles, making it possible to shoot on uneven terrain or in tight spaces. It also comes with a shoulder strap and carrying case. Estimated Street Price: $482.

The Cullmann Magnesit 532C uses strong, yet lightweight die-cast magnesium parts and vibration-cushioned carbon legs to deliver optimal stability. The legs lock quickly and securely, thanks to a newly developed leg-clamping design. Height ranges from 25 inches to 72 inches, and you can position the camera as low as 12 inches for ground-level exposures. The 532C supports up to 26 pounds while weighing 4.6 pounds. It also comes with adjustable steel spikes, a separable center column and foam casing on the upper legs for protection against bumps and damage. Estimated Street Price: $375.

Davis & Sanford ATPX10
The weather-resistant aluminum and stainless-steel construction of the Davis & Sanford ATPX10 make it an ideal choice if you do a lot of outdoor shooting. Flat, pointed feet that can pivot are able to adjust to any terrain, and the rectangular-shaped legs are designed to work well in muddy conditions. The reversible center column allows you to get low to the ground or as high as 66 inches. Without the column, height ranges from 23 to 61 inches. The

tripod comes with the FX10 three-way head with quick release, can support a 35-pound load capacity and weighs seven pounds. Estimated Street Price: $199.

For a long time, the only choices of leg material were wood or aluminum. Enter carbon fiber. Consisting of multiple layers of crossed-ply carbon fibers, th...

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