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Cameras are expensive pieces of equipment. Protect your investment with a top of the line carrying bag and camera case. Continue reading to learn more about camera bags and cases and get information on local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

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Bags & Cases

Bags & Cases

From backpacks to shoulder bags to rolling cases, there's a perfect option for your photography

Thanks to advances in D-SLR technology, including this year’s addition of video capabilities, bag manufacturers have taken an introspective look at their lines and have come up with a wide range of interesting new designs. They also have further refined many of their classic models, plus evolutions in fabrics and materials have produced tougher, longer-lasting bags. We’ve chosen a selection of new bags that represent the many options available.

Adorama Slinger Black
The Adorama Slinger is a cost-effective solution for basic portability of the essentials. With enough room for a single D-SLR with lens attached, it can be worn as a backpack for comfort or as a single-strap shoulder bag for easy access to gear. The main compartment measures 10x10x4 inches, and if you need more room, a Pro Slinger model is available with an extra 21⁄2 inches of width (61⁄2 inches) for accommodating larger D-SLRs, even with a battery grip attached. A variety of add-ons are available to attach to the Slinger, including the Slinger Small Digital Camera Pouch for carrying compact cameras. List Price: Starts at $44 (Adorama Slinger); $69 (Pro Slinger); $9 (Slinger Small Digital Camera Pouch).

Billingham G4 Computer Slip

Billingham 445 Bag
Computers are now indispensable to a photographer’s toolset. The G4 Computer Slip from Billingham can be used on its own as a padded carrying case for laptops, and the sleeve also has been designed to fit snugly into the front pocket of Billingham’s popular traditional camera-system bags, the 445 and 555. Twin density closed-cell foam protects your investment, plus a Screen Saver cushion provides extra protection for the display screen. The internal dimensions house up to a 15-inch laptop. Estimated Street Price: $69 (G4); $415 (445); $439 (555).

Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home
Crumpler brings fun and fashion to camera bag design. For a full D-SLR with a large 70-200mm lens attached, the 8 Million Dollar Home also provides plenty of room along the sides for big zooms and flashes. A configurable divider allows you to bring along a 13-inch laptop, and the bag is deep enough for fitting most prosumer video cameras, too. The large outer flap keeps items stowed securely, thanks to tight clasps and a Velcro® patch. As an added bonus, when silence is key or just preferred, the Velcro® Silencer will keep opening and shutting of your bag quiet to avoid disturbing your subjects. The bag is available in a variety of stylish color combinations, including black/gunmetal, brown/orange, royal blue/orange and more. Estimated Street Price: $170.

Domke F-3X Super Compact Bag
Ideal for carrying a pro D-SLR with two to three lenses,...

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Toolbox: Camera Bags

Toolbox: Camera Bags

Protect your gear and carry it in comfort with the latest trends & technology in bag design

Camera-bag makers never run out of new ideas, and that’s fortunate because the way we shoot—and the gear we carry—is changing in the digital age. Twenty-first-century travel restrictions, coupled with an increasing amount of gear (film photographers didn’t need laptops) have spurred a gradual evolution of the traditional camera pack. Popular trends currently lean toward comfortable but roomy backpacks and camera bags that don’t look like camera bags.

All camera bags, backpacks, waist packs and rolling bags differ in the way that they blend six essential characteristics: protection, accessibility, comfort, durability, capacity and cosmetics. There’s a perfect bag for every purpose. The most sensible option is to own more than one style and to match the bag to the situation.

tool box
Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home
Crumpler’s Million Dollar Home Series of under-the-radar camera bags are practical, fashionable and highly functional. They come in seven sizes (up to the 7 Million Dollar Home) and a striking array of contemporary color schemes. All bags are fully padded and feature configurable dividers. The 6 Million Dollar Home measures about 12.5x9.5x7 inches and will comfortably carry an SLR the size of a Canon EOS 50D with zoom, plus two more lenses. List Price: Starts at $25.
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Kata 3N1 Sling/Backpack

The name says it all: The Kata 3N1 Sling/Backpack is truly three-in-one. It’s the first bag on the market that can be configured as a backpack, left-handed sling pack or right-handed sling pack. Photographers no longer must choose between the comfort of a backpack and the quick-draw accessibility of a sling. With the Kata 3N1, you have all three carrying options, and for lefties (and left-eyed, right-handed photographers), the 3N1 is the solution to an ergonomic nightmare. The Kata 3N1 will carry your SLR with a long zoom attached and up to six additional lenses, depending on bag model. The larger two (models 20 and 30) can be attached to a rolling suitcase handle for added versatility. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $79.

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Lowepro Classified AW
When you want to keep your photography profile on the down-low, wear a Lowepro Classified AW. The Classified series of shoulder bags helps conceal your gear with a discreet, slim shape and a subdued yet luxurious appearance. Available in four configurations, ranging from the petite Classified 140 AW (interior dimensions 6.5x6.3x8.9 inches) to the full-sized Classified 250 AW (15x6.3x11 inches), all models feature premium appointments, including leather handles, padded shoulder straps, a removable memory card wallet and a built-in microfiber cloth to protect your camera’s LCD screen. The 250 includes a padded compartment that will hold most 15-inch widescreen notebook PCs. The AW stands...

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Toolbox: D-SLR Camera Bags

Toolbox: D-SLR Camera Bags

Travel light with one of these distinctive bags designed for mobility

We're always searching for the perfect camera bag, but much like the Holy Grail, this can prove to be an elusive, if not impossible quest. The result is often multiple bags in a storage closet. Owning several bags can be a very good thing, however—unless you're asking an annoyed spouse.

I have a large collection of styles: shoulder bags, waist packs, backpacks and sling bags. They all fit a niche for me because, depending on what I'm shooting, I may need only a specific selection of my camera equipment. The days when I'd carry everything I own in an off-the-shoulder bag are long over. Physical therapy doesn't come cheap these days.

Traveling light can be advantageous, which is why I like having a bag that can accommodate a single camera, a couple of lenses and a few accessories. Keeping it simple helps keep me shooting rather than focusing on the physical discomfort of carrying too much for too long.

Here's an assortment of bags that offer unique ways to help you travel and work light.

Pelican 140Pelican 140 Soft Bag
The Pelican 140 Soft Bag offers two convenient ways to access your equipment. The bag opens from the top or the side and features front and side pockets for other accessories. Capable of holding a camera and a couple of lenses, the bag fits into the Pelican 1400 hard case for maximum protection against water and impact. List Price: $75.

Tenba ShootoutTenba Shootout Mini Backpack
The Tenba Shootout Mini Backpack shows that a backpack doesn't have to be big and bulky. With enough capacity for a D-SLR, lenses and a flash, the bag provides ample protection for gear, but also makes it easy for you to carry a small assortment of equipment. Adjustable web straps at the backpack's base make it easy to carry a monopod, umbrella or ground cloth. Estimated Street Price: $100.


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