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The right accessories for your camera can make all the difference in your shots and convenience. Here you’ll find additional information on camera accessories as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Inkley's Camera
(801) 334-0771
RIverdale Village Retail Center 1150 West Riverdale Road Suite E
Riverdale, UT
(801) 544-1182
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 589 North Main
Layton, UT
(801) 272-8244
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 6311 S. Highland Drive
City, UT
(801) 495-4270
Draper Peaks 191 East 12300 South Suite M-1
Draper, UT
(801) 486-3921
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 2150 S. State
City, UT
(801) 394-9163
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 1155 36th Street
Ogden, UT
(801) 571-6991
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 9485 S. 700 E.
Sandy, UT
(801) 752-9200
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 171 E. 400 North
Logan, UT
(801) 467-4756
Brickyard Plaza 3292 S 1300 E Ste 106
City, UT
(801) 292-1474
Ritz Camera/Inkley's 491 S. Main
Bountiful, UT

Buyer's Guide 2008: Digital Camera Accessories

Buyer's Guide 2008: Digital Camera Accessories

Gear and gadgets to make your photography more productive, rewarding and creative

Choosing the right accessories is as important as selecting a camera and lenses. There are so many creative possibilities of which you simply can't take advantage without certain pieces of gear—filters, tripods and unique extras like underwater housings. To get the most of your digital photography experience, set aside part of your budget for the accessories you need. Many of these items are also priced right to be a perfect holiday gift.

Since camera bags are definitely not in the one-size-fits-all category, we generally recommend photographers have two bags at their disposal-one for traveling light and one for carrying a large selection of gear.

For traveling light, a bag that's big enough for a single D-SLR and one or two lenses is probably sufficient. Shoulder-style bags like M-Rock's Grand Canyon, the Urban Disguise 10 from Think Tank Photo or the Billingham Digital Hadley all have ample room for carrying the basics, plus extra batteries, memory cards, and a picture viewer or portable hard drive.

Larger bags like Lowepro's Vertex 200 or Tamrac's Expedition 7 each has enough room for two D-SLRs, multiple lenses (including long telephotos), binoculars, flash, laptop, GPS unit, all your backup batteries and memory cards, plus each provides a place on the back to attach your tripod. Both have water-resistant zippers, and the Vertex 200 has a weather cover that can be pulled over the bag.


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Manfrotto Products

Manfrotto Announces New Products

Launches New D.I.Y. Photo Kits and Carbon Fiber Tripods

Ramsey, NJ (October 23, 2008) – Manfrotto, a world leading manufacturer of professional photo and video support products, today introduced its D.I.Y. series of comprehensive athome photography kits. Designed for the enthusiast, the D.I.Y. series comprises four kits, each of which combines specific Manfrotto support products that work together as a system to assure optimal lighting results for the most common and sought after photo applications.

FABRIC BACKGROUND HOME KIT (DIY01KIT) - Manfrotto’s Fabric Background Home Kit is the ideal solution for portrait photography. This kit includes everything a shooter needs to assemble an easy-to-use lighting setup at home. The DIY01KIT includes:
314B kit: supports and perfectly holds the proper background
004BAC stand, 024B boom: position and support umbrella for diffusing the main light
052BAC stand: position and support the fill light diffused by a soft-box
003 base, D700B collapsible arm: support and position reflector to help fill in shadows

PAPER BACKGROUND HOME KIT (DIY02KIT) – Manfrotto’s Paper Background Home Kit is an all-in-one system for companies and individuals looking to photograph their own products for use in the production of marketing materials or on web sites to help increase sales. The DIY02KIT is based on the Manfrotto Autopole system, allowing for the use of up to three different paper backgrounds. The DIY02KIT includes:
(2) 032B Autopole, (2) 032SPL spirit level, (3) Expan 046, (3) 062-2 counterweight: supports up to three different backgrounds, each of which can be unrolled using colored chains
008BU stand, 025BSL boom: position and support umbrella for diffusing the main light
004BAC stand: position and support the fill light diffused by a soft-box

EVENT KIT (DIY03KIT) – Manfrotto’s Event Kit gives photographers the right support products to help properly light their subjects at social gatherings or parties. The DIY03KIT includes:
233B bracket, 026 swivel: gives the photographer the ability to rotate and move the flash unit away up to 17.7 inches
003 base, D705B collapsible arm: support and position reflector to help fill in shadows

STILL LIFE TABLE HOME KIT (DIY04KIT) – Manfrotto’s Still Life Table Home Kit is a unique setup for taking brilliant product photography. Whether you’re shooting images of new products for your own business or are simply shooting objects of your hobby, the DIY04KIT combines the right Manfrotto support products to get the job done right.

The DIY04KIT includes:
320B still-life table: easy to assemble and occupies minimum space
004BAC stand, 024B boom, 018 wheels: position and support soft-box for diffusing the main light
Accessories for further lighting control, including: 013 adapter spigot, 237 flex arm, (4) 386B Nano Clamp, 819-1 Hydrostatic Arm, 175 spring clamp, (2) 035 Super Clamp, 244N variable friction arm, I1550KIT (Dot ...

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Photographer's Toolbox

Photographer’s Toolbox

Accessories every photographer should know and use

All that’s really needed to take a solid photograph is a camera and lens. But it’s all of those extra gadgets and tools that really end up boosting your images from good to creative, exciting and dramatic. To get the most out of your photography, make sure you spend as much time choosing the right accessories as you do choosing the big-ticket items.

Optical Filters
While there are some amazingly powerful software filters that can help you dramatically improve your photos in processing, you’re better off thinking of software solutions as a complement—rather than an alternative—to optical filters.

Software can only enhance what was captured; it’s not a substitute for capturing the best image possible in-camera. Some image challenges, like reflections, blown-out highlights and extreme contrast, should be tackled with an optical filter at the time of capture. For example, no software filter can accurately add details in blown-out highlights where no details were captured to begin with.

When shooting outdoors, a polarizer is an indispensable tool for removing glare and enhancing colors. Heliopan’s Circular Polarizers are made from glass supplied by Schott (Carl Zeiss) and set in black anodized brass rings that screw in precisely. The manufacturer’s lineup includes thin circular polarizers that accommodate lenses as wide as 21mm. Estimated Street Price: $119 (52mm).

The Singh-Ray Vari-ND is designed to make long exposures and selective focus easier while providing better close-up flash control. The Vari-ND twists to alternate polarity, stepping light loss all the way from two to eight stops, and everything in between. Estimated Street Price: $340 (77mm ring mount); $390 (wide-angle ring mount).

The HOYA PRO1 D Circular PL Polarizer reduces unwanted reflections from nonmetallic surfaces while allowing colors to appear more saturated with better contrast, so skies are bluer and clouds are whiter. It’s available in sizes from 52mm to 82mm. Estimated Street Price: TBA.

Tiffen Color-Grad filters come in one-, two- and three-stop strengths of neutral gray, as well as shades of blue and orange. You can use them to change a specific color or enhance existing color in a scene. They’re available in both screw-in (ND is two stops) and square versions, and with soft- or hard-edged transitions. Estimated Street Price: From $53.

Kokonor offers three professional-grade, high-definition filters—the Ultra/Q, Super/Q and Hi/Q. All include neutral-density and circular-polarizer options with sizes ranging from 52mm to 77mm. Estimated Street Price: Varies by size and type.

Sunpak makes screw-in graduated filters in sizes from 49mm to 77mm, and they include gray, sepia and wine colors. Estimated Street Price: From...

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